Signs and Symptoms of Depression Essay

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Identify the signs and symptoms of depression
When emotions such as apathy or despair do not want to disappear, depression may be the cause of these evils. More than a temporary blow blues, depression prevents enjoys life every day. With psychological and medical treatment and help, you can get to feel better. But first, you must understand what it is like depression. Learn to identify signs and symptoms of depression are the first step to solve the problem.
What is depression?
We all know the ups and downs in our life. Sadness is a normal reaction to events that we may encounter in life. It is sad for a short period and then the disappointment eventually go away and life resumed. But when sadness persists, it interferes with your ability
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 Loss of self-confidence: You feel useless and/or guilty. You are very critical of yourselves on your mistakes.
 Concentration problems: Difficulty thinking, making decisions or remembering things
 Irritability: Easily distracted or easily disturbed (a nothing upsets you)
 Headaches, sore stomachs: New physical symptoms appear: headache, backache, constipation, abdominal pain
People suffering from depression tend to have a deprecating look for themselves and low self-esteem, especially about their situation and their future. Trapped in their mind, they then think more than their problems by devoting a disproportionate importance. Unable to see the end of the tunnel, people with depression may come to think that suicide is the only solution.
Differences between the sexes and generations
The effects of depression vary depending on the age and sex of each. For example, it is unlikely that a woman has the same symptoms of a nervous depression-old man. Knowing these differences can help to ensure that a problem is identified and it is well treated.
Depression in adolescents
The depression in adolescents can take different aspects of depression in adults. Irritability (rather than depressed) is usually a predominant feeling among adolescents. A depressed teen can easily lose his temper and become aggressive. Sore heads unexplained symptoms

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