Shakespeare's Macbeth - The Powerful Lady Macbeth Essay

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The Powerful Lady Macbeth

In William Shakespeare's, The Tragedy of Macbeth, Lady Macbeth is the strongest character. Lady Macbeth's character is not as eclectic as her husband's but it is just as dramatic. Lady Macbeth has a rich and fascinating combination of qualities. She is not a monster without feeling; her husband adores her, for example, "Be innocent of the knowledge, dearest chuck," (III, ii, 45). Macbeth also refers to Lady Macbeth as his dear partner. Lady Macbeth is horrified by blood and during her sleepwalking soliloquy she refers to her little hand suggesting a delicate nature and stature by uttering this: "All the perfumes / of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand." (V, i, 43-44). All of this, however,
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Seemingly, she suffers no pangs of conscience. It is easy for her to be "bright" and "merry" and it seems second nature for her to play at being the most gracious of hostesses. Duncan is completely deceived by her "thoughtfulness." Also, take in consideration that in the midst of her chaotic dinner party, she retains her composure and saves her husband from added embarrassment.

In today's vernacular, she might accurately be characterized as being an "iron butterfly"-delicate but invincible. She is impatient and absolute when her husband cannot carry out the details of their assassination plot. Although it is Macbeth who commits the actual deed of murder, it is Lady Macbeth who returns to Duncan's chamber and smears the blood upon the grooms. Her self-control is superhuman; in fact, Macbeth is terrified of it and her unfailing resourcefulness. In this example, Shakespeare demonstrates how much self control she has over the evil deed: "A little water clears us of this deed: / How easy it is then!" (II, ii, 66-67). In fact, Lady Macbeth tried to murder Duncan herself, but he appeared to look like her father while he was sleeping so she could not.

Selfishly, she fastens her husband's attention on the throne of Scotland. It is she who sees to the details of the crime: "Only look up clear. / To

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