Sex Offenders Essay

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Sex Offenders The AWA or Adam Welsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006 asserts that it, “strengthens reporting requirements by mandating sex offenders submit information including SSN, employer and school information, fingerprints, physical description, photograph and a DNA sample” (Rogers, 2007, p. 1). This act was signed in by President George Bush in an effort to standardize the laws and public sex offender web sites (Rogers, 2007). Sex offenders are considered special circumstance offenders. The mental damage caused by sexual offenses leave those on the receiving end crying for harsh punishments. On the contrary, the wide net that catches various low level offenders leaves them requesting to be free from the harsh …show more content…
Tier I requires registration for 15 years and no mandatory check-in appointments. Tier II requires registration for 25 years and semiannual appointments. Tier III requires registration for their lifetime and they have quarterly appointments. Tier I offenders are the only offenders protected from direct community notification (Rogers, 2007). These tiers were both a positive and negative. The positive would unify the various registries across the nation, while the negatives would continue to put stigmas on low level sex offenders for at least 15 years. These registries make offenders within society vulnerable to any individual who may feel a need to retaliate. While other offenses are simply a part of criminal records, usually only accessed by employers, the registries for sex offenders are public. Additionally, there is the risk that sex offenders may have recovered from their crimes and desire to move on. These registries and notifications haunt them, making it hard for them to get employed, start families, or even live comfortably. Community notification is a ongoing argument that may never land on a concrete decision. Those with young children, especially, feel that they need to protect their children from possible attacks and assaults. On the other hand, sex offenders are usually special cases. The studies on their brain characteristics seem to lean harder towards the side of deficiency. A study of psychiatric treatment of

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