Essay on Self-Served Travelling Is the Better Choice of Travel

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Self-service travel has become more popular as technology has been progressing rapidly in these several decades. Tourists can easily obtain information, book air tickets and reserve hotel through internet to set up their own travel plans. According to a research from Telegraph (2004) and a study published by a research firm Mintel (cited in Holiday letting, 2007), the number of independent travelers who travel to Spain is increased by 30% and the market of independent travel is predicted to increase 45% in respectively. As Vogel (2012) mentioned that even organized tours are trying to tailor the schedule for customers to create values. It proved that there is a potential growth of self-served traveling market. Self-service
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Besides, the agents would also sell the travel insurances. If tourists have health insurance already, the insurance may covered for health problems during overseas trip and the travel insurance shall not be necessary (Jones, 2013).

2. Flexibility in place:
Through independent tour, travelers are able to set up their own travel plans without any restriction (Banks, n.d.).They can visit any place at anytime they want, but going through travel agents do not provided these advantages. Moreover, independent travelers are allowed to enjoy some activities they want, such as hot-balloon ride and diving. Whereas participating in such activities are required for approval in the case of going through travel agents.

Besides, travel agents sometimes prioritized their own benefit over tourists’ interest. Recently, the force-shopping incident in Hong Kong triggered the conflict between tourist and travel agency. Tourists were forced to buy and being locked in the specific store by travel agency during their trip in Hong Kong (He & Nip, 2012). Tourists have to follow the unreasonable schedule and force to visit those unfavorable places during the escorted tour.

3. Experience: Self-served travelers have more opportunities interacting with the local residents than people using travel agents. Joining tour usually accompanies with the people they sharing the same

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