Scene Analysis in Pride and Prejudice Essay

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This passage occurs shortly after Elizabeth has received a letter from mr.darcy. The reason for the writing of the letter comes from the fact that Elizabeth had accused Darcy of two main issues. The first accusation against darcy was that he was a dishonorable man because he cheated Mr.Wickham out of land. Following this accusation, Elizabeth also believed that bingley's dismissal of jane was his doing.

Both of these issues caused her anger and discontent towards mr.darcy because she had strong feelings for mr.wickham and believed such a good person did not deserve to be mistreated. And with jane, she was angered because she believed mr.bingley and jane could have been happy together and that mr.darcy had ruined any opportunity of
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This line is closely followed by Elizabeth saying, I who have prided myself on my discernment." The relation between these two quotes is that they each include the words in the title of the book.

The placement of these words is no coincidental, but intentional, and there are many reasons for them occurring in this passage. The first, and most likely reason, is that they were intended to show a significant turning point in the book. Which is the point at which Elizabeth's pride of her character qualities, and her prejudice's against upper class are reversed, and also when Darcy's prejudice against the classes below him are dissolved along with his pride of himself. These changes are the most likely causes of Elizabeth and Darcy's like for each other, and that is why the author chose to make it known to the reader that significant words from the title were being used in this passage.

This passage also reveals many aspects of Elizabeth's character as well as creating emotions. The first line that reveals an aspect of Elizabeth's character is found in line two, when she says, "how despicable I have acted, I who have prided myself on my discernment, I who have valued myself on my abilities." This line reveals that Elizabeth, although not conceited in her physical appearance, may have thought too highly of her mental state.

She is also shown to have a harsh judgment of herself, which was already known before by the fact that she judged others

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