Essay on Risk Taking 101

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“So in conclusion, for Americans to lose weight, they must EAT...” were some of the final confident words that escaped my mouth as I firmly clinched the win for best impromptu. I found myself smiling as the judges laughed and applauded my comical yet thoughtful speech. But I wasn't always a good speaker. In fact, only a year earlier would you find a nervous, bullet-sweating version of me standing in front of another group of judges. Speaking in front of others was definitely not my forte, but neither was my ability to take risks. I soon found out just how important that ability is and how to properly use it. Like many students, I was deathly afraid of any form of public speaking. Unlike many students, I would keep to myself most of …show more content…
Without taking risks, what's the point of speaking in the first place?” This struck me as very unusual, but I decided to go with it. Over the next few weeks I was taught all the ins and outs of how to effectively reach your audience and observed many different debates in person. Not even this amount of preparation could help me get over my incapacitating fear. I observed speech after speech, but could still not bring myself to speak in front of others. After all, the whole point of debate is to be judged on how well you present yourself to others. “Don't think about the judges, just think about what you want to say,” was the advice I got from my coach and others on a daily basis. Eventually I took the next big step, one nerve-wracking Wednesday afternoon. After weeks of preparation, I was partnered up with one of my fellow newbies and was set loose to debate whether or not landmines were a weapon of mass destruction. The format and layout was simple enough. Two teams of two people would present evidence, one at a time, either supporting a stance or disproving it. This was all done in front of one judge. Doesn't sound too bad, right? That wasn't the case with me. When it came to be my turn to speak I started sweating up a storm and shaking like an earth quake. “Landmines, um, kill a staggering, um, 800 people a year. Over 10, um, years, that turns out to be, um, 80,000 deaths,” were among the few sentences I choked out. The stress

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