Ring-a-ring o' Roses, Pocket Full of Posies: The Bubonic Plague

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The plague, caused by an infectious fever, has a gruesome and terrible story. This disease was the cause of the Black Death, which killed one third of Europe’s population in the 14th century, and killed around 75,000-100,000 citizens in London. Over 25 million citizens died during this time, leaving both an economic and political management in desperate times. The plague that affected European cities has been considered to be one of the worst epidemics in the Medieval Time.
From 1347 to 1350, the Black Death hit Northern Europe. Although, this was not the first time this type of disease was record. The plague was documented to have affected North Africa and the Middle East during the Classical Time. There are several speculations that this
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Over 20 million Europeans died throughout the timeline of the Black Death, as the symptoms were obvious of whether or not someone had become infected.
The symptoms of the plague included a high fever, trembling, and sweating. Other than those, soon “rashes and carbuncles on the skin followed, as did headaches, chills, and other symptoms” (The Black Death 2) appeared. But, the most obvious sign were the swollen lymph nodes. The swollen lymph nodes were found in the necks, armpits, and groins “which were sufficiently distressing to demand opening and draining” (The Black Death 2) as these lymph nodes became painful, hard, burning lumps. These lymph nodes were also called “buboes” and would increasingly become sensitive black-blue when swollen due to the build up of infected blood. Patients who did not get treatment would die because of the buildup of dead blood. Although, while most patients did not die right away, most died within just days of becoming infected.
Two-thirds of infected citizens would die between four to five days, while others would be in agonizing pain for two weeks. But, similar to other diseases, not everyone who became infected died. Although, there was a huge death toll of “rotting corpses were lined up in trenches and buried en masse, layer upon layer” (The Black Death 2) that filled Europeans neighborhoods. Bodies upon bodies began to pile up everywhere, streets, corners, graves, and even houses. The mortality rate was

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