Essay on Rescued by Lithius

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Laney: I woke up at 3 in the morning dripping with sweat. I strided noiselessly across the beach apartment I share with my best friend, Lithius. “She can take more heat than anyone else I know.” I muttered to myself as I fixed the thermostat. Lithius and I are complete opposites in so many ways. While I am quiet, she is spontaneous, often disappearing off at random times and never will tell me where she went. I’ve never met someone as determined as Lithius. She finished medical school a year ago and works hard everyday treating depression and mania. Everything about her is unique, from the metallic looking soft, pale gray streak in her otherwise thick crimson hair, to her sassy personality, to her fear of water. Lithius refuses
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If anyone can keep a secret, its the sweet, quiet Laney. She has known every one of my secrets- except this one. I can’t tell her that.. I’m a superhero…with a power of Lithium. Can I fly? No. Read minds? Nope. But I’m the only one! Lithium is not found free in nature, and only makes up 0.00007 of the Earth’s crust. I found out about my powers when I stepped into a fire pit while camping at 17 years old and emerged with no burns. Laney had driven me to the hospital because being the sensible person she is, she was convinced that I needed to be seen by a doctor. While Laney stepped out to call our mothers, and unusual doctor that I’d never seen whisked in and gave me a scarily wide smile. “Johann August Arferton, SO glad to finally meet you!” He exclaimed, pumping my hand up and down. “You look shocked.” “I am.” I mumbled. “Oh Lithius…” He started. Who is this crazy man? “I am named after the amazing Johann August Afterton who discovered the element Lithium in 1817.” I was unimpressed. All I knew about Lithium is a few random facts from science class. “And YOU are who I’ve been waiting for!” Afterton declared. “You, Lithius Alkali, are named for Lithium. Lithium is a silvery metal, very soft, can be cut with a butter knife. It is a 0.6 on the Moh’s hardness scale and is half as dense as water. It’s in every pore of

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