Radio Frecuency Identification Analysis Essay

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Most people struggle, at one point in time or another, with keeping track of items that could be misplaced or stolen. To combat this common mishap, Radio Frequency Identification also known as RFID can help. This technology can be used anywhere, from clothing tags to pet collars. Radio Frequency Identification is able to transfer data and automatically track tagged objects. Each tag contains a unique number, where the processing device then reads the tag, enabling technicians to identify the tag and return missing items to the rightful and legal owners. RFID can be useful in everyday life in combating the stress associated with missing important objects. RFID maintains an easy implantation and tracking system, has various uses ranging …show more content…
Parents can select RFID chip implementation in children’s toys, clothing, and even in electronic devices such as cell phones. The adding of this tracking device helps parents keep a closer eye on their children, and adolescents who are beginning to gain some independence and freedom from their parents. Though some may argue that adding RFID to a minor’s belongings is overprotective or even spying, the chip is essential for safety (Granneman). However, seemingly extreme at first glance, companies now make many more protective items for tracking the whereabouts of children. For example, infant pajamas have tracking capability to ensure that a child remains safely in his or her home during sleeping or naptime (Marx). Additionally, parents can choose to have RFID placed in a child at birth so that he or she can be located in case of an emergency or a disaster. In an era where teenagers expose themselves, often times unintentionally, to online predators and cyber bullying, the RFID chip can lessen tension when parents allow their children to leave home for an evening (Marx). Although internet predators continue to prey on teenagers, the implementation of the RFID chip enables a sense of security in parents and kin that are constantly able to secure the

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