Essay on Racism and Homeland Security

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I patrol the border for the department of homeland security and social problems will come up on a daily basis. With patrolling the borders comes encounters with racism. When working you may be subjected to this particular social problem and how people have continually created and constructed the meaning of racism and the hatred or intolerance of another race. It has been socially constructed and taught to us that we should not like illegal immigrants and fits the reflection theory which states that the idea of culture is a projection of social structure, which is that illegal immigrants are bad. I also believe that with this job you have to not be so ethnocentric; thinking that your culture is superior to everyone else’s, but respect …show more content…
The immigration laws are intended to allow some people into the country while keeping a lot of people outside the borders but discrimination will occur along with some form of racism (Cuauhtémoc and Hernández). The Supreme Court played an important role in constructing distinct border policies for the Mexican and Canadian borders in the 1976 decision United States v Martinez-Fuertes. In that decision the court granted border patrol agents the right to stop and question people “of apparent Mexican ancestry” located anywhere within one-hundred miles of the border (Cuauhtémoc and Hernández). With this decision it is clear and open to being subjected to racism, most of the southern states such as Arizona, Texas and New Mexico have a very large portion of Mexican descent citizens that are legally here in the United States. Border patrol has long been under scrutiny, it always will be, but the fact of the matter is that the illegal immigrants are just that, illegals. There are plenty of enough people in the United States that take advantage of the government and it also helps keep drugs and other things that are harmful to the people of this country. In 1882 congress responded to widespread hostility to Chinese immigrants by enacting the first law that effectively excluded all members of a particular nationality from the United States (Cuauhtémoc

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