Quebec’s Campaign for Independence Essay example

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One of the issues in Canada is Quebec’s campaign for independence. Quebec is one of the Canadian states. Quebecers mostly speak French and make up 25 per cent of population of Canada. Quebecers consider as they are one of the nations because they have been living there since 1608 but in contrast, Canada was founded in 1867. Since the 1960s till now campaign for Quebec’s sovereignty has been a big issue in Canada. However, Canada crossed the movement. Also Canada’s alliance, the United States views this issue with its own notions. They keep insist that there are no meanings and benefits Quebec become one of the sovereign nations. Quebecers oppose the notion, of course, and state there are meanings and evidences Quebec can be …show more content…
French President Nicolas Sarkozy also stated that the world needs more unity, not division. This is what all Canadians think and all Quebecers denounce. Canada didn’t even stop arguing after the US admitted Quebec’s right. Both Canada and Quebec keep using and wasting a lot of time, energy, and money. Next paragraph will state how the United States views this issue. The United States is ally of Canada and owns and stated its opinions to this issue. President Bill Clinton repeated the traditional U.S. policy on this issue. The United States is alliance of Canada, however, American didn’t make clear opinions. A Washington Post editorial stated:
“As in certain marriages, differences that have become intractable over the years eventually justify divorce – and no one outside the family can make that judgment.” (The Case for a Sovereign Quebec, Page 3)
This quote means the US cannot admonish anything about the issue because this issue is problem between Canada and Quebec and this was caused by the “differences that have become intractable” and bot the US.

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