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Quality Program Quality programs have emphasized the need to improve quality in an organizations performance through product, process, or service improvement. These quality programs encourage growth beyond status quo that many American businesses have been satisfied with in order to compete the in global market successfully (Cohen, n.d.). One such quality program is the Deming’s 14 Point Philosophy which has been said to have inspired both the Total Quality Management and Six Sigma quality management programs (Mind Tools, 2013). Analysis of this program in relation to the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) Bookstore will reflect several areas of opportunity for the bookstore to improve the quality of their operations. …show more content…
Aging buyers must try to keep up with the latest trends and purchase clothing and gift items based on the desires of a group much younger. This can prove challenging to deduce what will really sell. There is also an obligation to be responsible in buying products to sell; maintaining margins and monitoring inventory levels.
Why Deming’s 14? The bookstore has numerous elements warranting an improvement in quality. They have a reduced workforce that can prompt short term reactions rather than long term planning (Mind Tools, 2013). Also working against the bookstore is the groupthink mentality of sticking to status quo. There is a serious lack of morale as well as no opportunities for professional development for this diminishing cast of employees. Another serious barrier to quality improvement is the favoritism shown to select employees which is a barrier to pride (Mind Tools, 2013). Deming’s 14 address these barriers to quality and more. Deming’s philosophy can be applied to any size organization; so the fact that the bookstore is small is not a hindrance for application of philosophy (Mind Tools, 2013). Deming states the greater the variance, the greater the waste (Cohen, n.d.). From a buyer’s perspective, this is a true application to the bookstore. In one department, the supply department, there were six to nine suppliers of paper products.

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