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Public Speaking Phobia “On October 7, 1973, the London Sunday Times reported that the largest number of Americans, 41% of those surveyed by a team of market researchers listed speaking before a group as their greatest fear,” (Dwyer, K., & Davidson, M. M. 2012).
While studying different types of phobia’s that humans may have, there are several phobias that develop over a period of time, due to unknowns or fears of things because of something that may of happened in that individuals life. Phobia is basically a fear of something that an individual may have because of past experiences or even the unknown. Most children have fears of the dark because of the unknown in the dark, where as adults have many different fears, like flying in an
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Over the years several philologist has develop their own brand of testing individual to develop that individuals speaking skills. There are eight different tests that philologist has created that can be used to help develop public speaking skills. There is a local group that helps these skills called “The Toast of the Town,” where individuals and go in front of a group of people like themselves and be rated on their speaking skills, by evaluating the speaker’s skills, this can help the speaker improve on their public speaking abilities. Michele Collet wrote in her article “On the Ten most bizarre Phobias,” “A phobia is a common form of anxiety disorder where sufferers can experience symptoms as strong as shortness of breath, sweating, dizziness and overall feelings of dread and horror. Some phobias are common to many people but others are unique and rather bizarre manifestations of the disease. And yes, it is a disease, (Collet 2012). The eight different tests are based on what the phobia is and what are the results of that test as per helping the patient recover is called the “Public Speaking Self-efficacy Questionnaire,” adapted from Bados in 1986. This questionnaire has six different sections and measures the level to which a person can cope with different situation dealing with public speaking. The next test is called “Fear

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