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Media has negatively shaped the lives of my family and I. Corporate company’s aim is to attract a specific audience to buy their product. Children are evidently their number one target, because they are gullible. Many studies have shown that children do not understand the difference between television programming and television advertising (Schlosser 357). Kids do not fully understand the purpose of the company’s persuasions, which leaves children defenseless. Although vulnerability is more common in children, adults are deceived as well. In Southern California both children and adults are manipulated by television advertisement exploitation. The author of the book called, Selling to Kids, admits that advertisings’ aim is getting kids …show more content…
I will behave very well if I get a happy meal”. In all probability, if my brother bought my nephews a happy meal they would stop screaming, stop bothering him, and will make his children happy. My brother drove distressed through the drive thru. He knew that buying the happy meals was a bad idea. Money was going to be wasted because his kids never eat the chicken nuggets or all of their fries, or half of the drink. The only thing that makes the child happy is the toy from the happy meal, not the meal. In commercials toys are the attention getter, because it is being used as a reward when buying a happy meal. Most parents know that it is unhealthy to buy them these products, yet since the media has more control over how the child could manipulate the parent, the parent ends up being the weak candidate by taking the easy way out. Because a child’s happiness is more important, in cases where the children are nagging consistently, the parents try to find the fastest solution in calming down their children. Another factor that influences children to whine are McDonald’s slogan, “I’m Loving It”, it is catchy and repetitive .The ads for McDonalds are direct and simple. It makes it easier for children to grasp and relate to what is happening. For example, an interactive commercial where the mother is taking the child to the playhouse in McDonalds, is an inventive way to sell food. The colors and plot create a desire to be there, and have enjoyable experience. The ad would

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