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This project serves to reduce the disparity of access to technology and empower staff, students and families to effectively utilize communication, collaboration and instructional tools for academic, personal and professional empowerment. This "Blueprint for Future" seeks to expand our notion of learning environments to encompass more than the physical school space but also consider the evolution of the network as a "platform" and embrace the community as essential contributors and participants in the educational experience

Imagine for a minute how a typical school day might play out at Roosevelt should this vision become a reality..

As students arrive in the morning with their mobile devices, students cycle through their core
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This school of the future has developed strong ties to the community, local colleges and other non-profit partners enabling our "connected" students to participate in site-based and virtual learning opportunities. The mobility made possible via the MHCRC grant and robust iNet has opened doors to elective, advanced and college level courses not possible in the traditional "brick and mortar" environment. Virtual learning is omnipresent at Roosevelt and is woven into the very fabric of life in this North Portland community.

For most schools the day is winding down, but students at Roosevelt break into afternoon pods and receive help on the areas they may be struggling with. Live and archived mini-lectures are streamed via the digital curriculum management system, targeting populations and presenting material in different ways to support various learning modalities and languages. Some teachers transition to their "virtual office" to support this mobile student population, others are attending a data seminar with their data team in the Innovation Lab.. Students begin to trickle into Innovation lab to check out the available broadband access points so they can continue to work from home into the evening accessing Ed Box, web conferencing or even live chat with peers. It would not be unusual to see their own parents pass through these

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