Prospero in William Shakespeare's The Tempest Essay

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Prospero in William Shakespeare's The Tempest

Prospero's character dominates Shakespeare's play The Tempest, and can be said to convey an image of greed and selfishness. He goes to any length in order to keep control of the island and its inhabitants whilst using his powers to benefit his needs, whether it hurts others in the process or not. However, some may see an element of forgiveness in his personality and feel sympathy for him when his control breaks down. A change in character may be the answer to this, although a huge change would be needed to forgive someone for the crimes he pursued, let alone to sympathise for him.

When Prospero realised he was loosing his powers, he knew he had to
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No matter what he does, former to his past events much of the audience would be unable to feel any sympathy for him. This may be because they can see through him and don't convey the same opinions about his actions as those who sympathise for him.

The debate including Miranda and Caliban with an incident of attempted rape concerns our judgement of Prospero, and to what extent we may feel pity for him. We find out after a short time into the play that Caliban tried to rape Prospero's daughter, even though Prospero taught Caliban language knowing he was some form of native other living on the island. We may feel sorry for Prospero and think he has been treated unfairly, given the fact all he has done is try and help Caliban. However, the contrasting opinion to his is that as a native other who has lived all their life on an island- (non-humane), that to breed is their initial form of survival. Which appears to be all that Caliban has done to Miranda in this situation. Also as Prospero had been a commanding leader to Caliban and exerted all his power into him, all that Caliban has done is copied this role and exerted his power over Miranda.

The debate continues as we discuss more the attitudes and language Prospero uses towards other characters. Why should we ever feel pity for him, even when his

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