Proficiency in Communication Essay

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Proficiency in both verbal and written English is paramount to being a successful contributor to the Canadian labour market. In the new information age, where more and more communication is delivered through electronic means, there is an even more profound need for clear communication, as misinterpretation and lack of tone in emails lead to business inefficiency and conflict. These problems are optically more apparent when investigating the skilled immigrant labour pool within Canada. Our current education system and the acceptance of below standard median proficiency tests cause a further “acceptable” degradation of one’s ability to articulate and communicate in an interesting and engaging way. There are many ways to improve the …show more content…
During this same study, a survey given to newly landed immigrants cites language as one of the major barriers to employment. Immigrants that are not proficient in English, in particular those of a visible minority, in many cases are assumed to have a lower level of competency, or lack job competency all together. A potential new employer risks costly mistakes and increased inefficiencies if they hire the “wrong guy” for an open position. This is infinitely more difficult and dramatically more vivid when that potential new hire is an immigrant with poor English skills. The chances of mistakes will be assumed to be higher, and the time taken to explain assigned tasks will increase as the employer confirms with the employee that directions are clearly understood. Some immigrant employees that have difficulty with English may not be able to communicate clearly, but they still fully realize the difficulty the employer faces. In fear for their job, fear of standing out at an inopportune time, or due to sheer embarrassment, there is a higher tendency to say that they fully understand tasks assigned when in fact direction is not clearly understood. This again, can lead to costly errors and wasted time.

Canada’s abysmal education system has failed the Canadian people for decades, but do not blame the

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