Pro Medical Marijuana Essay

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Medical marijuana is a natural medicine of great value which is in danger of being banned from medical use in the United States. For years its medical use has been argued against to some effect, but there are facts which would be irresponsible to dismiss before any judgments’ are passed on the subject. Many people might wonder when marijuana became a popular idea for medicinal purposes. To be blunt so to speak: it is one of the world’s oldest and widespread natural medicines. The Chinese were among the first to use its positive healing effects as long ago as “2727 BCE” as per the “Brainz” organization website. This information has been verified by archeological evidence and historical references also found in the Jewish …show more content…
It would seem there must be a completely different reason for why it hasn’t been legalized. While some people see medical marijuana as an opportunity to abuse its use for pleasure others may need it for the niche it fills in the world of prescriptions and synthetic drugs, it is imperative that the people understand any medicine can be abused without exception.
When one thinks of a medical marijuana patient a certain recurring image might enter their mind, a young person with long hair and beady red eyes who have “trouble with stress and insomnia.” The Director of the Drug Dependence Research Center once said “The initiative authorizes smoking of marijuana for more than the two conditions for which THC has been proved useful… Hay fever? Headache? Depression? Stress? Boredom?” Unfortunately there are people who do get away with abusing marijuana on a small-scale but compared to the vast opiate seeking crowd however they are quite harmless despite their irresponsibility. According to the Michael’s house drug treatment website they state that “It is estimated that more than 5.2 million people use prescription painkillers without a prescription each year.”
From my experience with both prescription painkillers and marijuana I actually favored the marijuana, not because one was more “enjoyable” than the other but because I watched people around me waste away and become completely

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