President George W. Bush and Antigone: Changing Your Mind Essay

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An old Chinese proverb states that a man who is wise will change his mind often, while the fool will remain obstinate. In Antigone, by Sophocles, King Creon makes a law contradicting a person’s basic human rights, and in the end he pays dearly for it by losing the remainder of his family. In comparison is the late President George W. Bush, he, in the early years of his presidency, launched an illegal war on Iraq. Both leaders ultimately met their downfall, and in Creon’s case, lived out his own words, “the stiffest stubborn wills fall the hardest” (528-529). In Antigone Creon reveals his obstinate nature and how even someone as important as a king is not invulnerable to the problems such a character flaw causes. In the beginning of …show more content…
Haemon also warns Creon of how the city mourns for Antigone saying how nobody deserved death less. Later, once Creon has reached his own anagnorisis, it is too late, fate has offered him chance after chance, a prophet, his own son, the townspeople of Thebes all warned him, he realizes his mistakes but there is no one left to make amends with. Similarly, late President George W. Bush made an error in judgment—the Iraq war, and, like Creon, he loses the respect and loyalty of his country. “Further to 90%, the highest Gallup has ever measured for a president” (Gallup Polls), scream the headlines in 2001, right after the 9/11 attack. At this moment, America had just received a grievous blow, like Thebes, and instinctively we looked for a strong leader. In response the President, wanting to appear strong, announced that he was ready to go to war with Iraq. Like Creon, President Bush is a successor of two very powerful leaders and, like Creon it is assumed that he was feeling the pressure. However, shortly after this announcement, his allies in Europe responded negatively, “We believe that military intervention would be the worst solution” ( French foreign minister Dominique de Villepin said shortly after this announcement, Russia and England agreed wanting to find a more diplomatic solution to this growing problem. These countries, though not as strong as the United States,

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