Power of the Future Essay

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Nuclear power is a fuel source that in the race for alternative fuels seems too often forgotten or downplayed. In reality, it can provide numerous quantities of energy from a single atom splitting. The fact that nuclear meltdowns can kill innumerous people often scares the general population away from the thought of using it for a productive purpose. Unfortunately, for the very same reason, a power source capable of providing energy for the entire world remains neglected. Nuclear power should be the next main source of energy because it provides substantially more power than other sources, it is extremely safe, and future advances will provide even greater capabilities. Nuclear power comes from a process called fission. According to …show more content…
As noted by one website, “World reserves are estimated to last anywhere between 6 to 150 years, to even hundreds of centuries,” (“Advantages”). This provides an even more optimistic aspect of nuclear energy. Nuclear energy’s power does not only surpass natural gas either. It can also provide more than the leading competitors of alternative fuel: wind, water, and solar power. In fact, the previous source mentions that “it would take many hectares of land covered with solar collectors, wind farms, or hydro-electric dams to equal this power” (“Advantages”). A hectare equals 10,000 square meters of land. Contrary to popular belief, nuclear power is also very safe. To the normal American, the mention of nuclear power probably conjures up thoughts of Three Mile Island or Chernobyl (the two most famous accounts of nuclear power reactor failures). Nuclear meltdowns can destroy large areas of land and city populations, depending on where they are located. However, many people too often forget that other fuel sources have incidents as well. Take oil for example. An oil spill in the ocean can kill countless oceanic life forms and contaminate seafood consumed by people. This serves to prove that danger happens in more than just nuclear energy. However, nuclear reactors also have many safety mechanisms that help to keep the workers and surrounding population incredibly safe. Take the actual construction of nuclear reactors for

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