Positive and Negative Aspects of Mrs. Johnson's Career Essay

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1. Given her current situation, identify some positive and negative aspects of her current career.

Positive and Negative of Mrs. Johnsons career:
Given Mrs. Johnsons current career situation here are the positive aspects and the negative aspects of her job.

Positive Aspects
Negative Aspects
Provides her with a steady income.

Not part of the management team, does extra duties around the shop she is not compensated for the extra duties.
Uses current technology tools, which can be useful at a later date when she starts her own business.
Her income is based on an hourly wage,which can result in financial stress during times of inflation.
She enjoys where she works, she likes to make a last impression for the pets and the
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This will lead her into the next suggestion she should consider. The second suggestion that Mrs. Johnson should consider would be developing a career action plan. When Mrs. Johnsons develops her career action plan she might want to start with a personal SWOT analysis in which it can identify her “ strengths which are the skills and experiences that set her apart from others, weaknesses involve personal areas in need of improvement, opportunities are social,economic,technological,goal, and organizational trends for employment and threats are the factors that limit employment opportunities,such as changing technology and gold competition” (Kapoor,2014). Mrs. Johnson could learn a lot about her current career situation by using these simple steps. Once the first step is done in her career action plan then the next step would be describing her plan of action by using these steps “ assess your personal career interests, identify and expand career skills, obtain required education and career training, apply for a potential employment position” (Kapoor,2014).

Example of plan for action for Mrs. Johnson
Step One
Step Two
Step Three
Step Four
Describe her current situation .
Set a specific goal .
Identify the timeframe for this goal.
List actions to be taken to achieve this goal.
College Student
Take at least 12 credit hours per semester.
4 years to complete her bachelor's degree.
Take at least 12 credit hours per-semester.


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