Political Policies Of China Essay

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Growing up in China, I can remember going to the street markets and bump into everyone, I felt like an ant in a mass colony. There's no space, the buses are packed, and the bicycle lane resembled a highway during a traffic jam. Getting around was impossible. Much of the urban areas are full of construction, dust is constantly in the air, very uncomfortable. Majority of the population live in Apartment style buildings, usually 2 bedrooms, one bathroom, living room, and an extended kitchen. The family structure usually doesn't separate, so you have grandma, grandpa, kids, mom, and dad. That's a lot of people under one roof; I know Americans usually isn't
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China's Growing Population and Policy

Mao liked children, or at least he encouraged China's citizens to have as many as possible. In the early days of the People's Republic, Chairman Mao urged Chinese to bear as many children a possible to "make China stronger". Therefore, over the next 10 years since 1949, China's population was increased by another 118 million from 541 million. It continued to rise through the 60's. The government encouraged this so they could help China develop water control and communication infrastructures. They also thought it could help produce more food and strengthen their nation's defense. Twenty years later, the millions born during that period contributed to another baby boom. By 1970, there were roughly 830 million Chinese. Population growth would not seem to end until the introduction of the One-child policy in 1979.
The one-child policy is not a law, as most people think it is it's a policy enforced by the system of punishments. However there is a Marriage Law introduced in 1980, insisting the practice of family planning. The marriage Law encourages late marriages, late childbirth's, and one child per couple. Having one child is really encouraged, uses of propaganda such as posters help very much, also the state controls the media so they get to choose what the public see and hear. The media is the only gateway people have to the world; the government can make sure the media supports and encourages

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