Essay on Planning and Preparing for Teaching and Learning.

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The role of the teacher is very similar to the role of the mainstream teacher. Planning meaningful sessions, keeping accurate records of sessions and assessing the individual students’ abilities are among the more obvious responsibilities and these areas will be discussed later.
It could be argued that the main difference between the teacher and the mainstream teacher is found in the level of one-to-one support given to each student. This difference is a direct result of the group sizes taught by the teacher and the academic levels of the students. The teacher will often have groups ranging from two to eight students over ninety minute sessions, the length of the sessions and the groups sizes2 enables the teacher to prepare session plans
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This might be displayed by the introduction of a tri-pod in photography for a student with dyspraxia.
“A good aid is one which does a particular job to assist in the learning of a particular topic for a particular group of learners.” (Reece & Walker, 2007:158). With the addition of new resources and equipment it is vital for the teacher to understand how to operate it correctly and safely and to be able to foresee any issues that may develop as a result of using it. “we need new skills to make use of these resources effectively” (Reece & Walker, 2007:160). One potential issue with using individual resources may be the group perception. By giving one student additional equipment this could be perceived as giving preferential treatment and deemed ‘unfair’ by others in the group. If this situation arises the teacher may need to talk to those individuals who are feeling afflicted. The teacher should affirm that everybody has unique abilities and something that one member of the group is able to do with ease may be difficult for others. One solution to situations such as these would be to pair up

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