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Personal Teaching Philosophy


"Children become, while little, our delights…when they grow bigger, they begin to fright’s." This quote is from John Bunyan’s poem "Upon the Disobedient Child," and rings the truth. But, how can we help children develop into normal, healthy adults? That is a question society has been asking since the first days of civilization. There are four areas of development that allow children to grow into strong adults: motor, cognitive, language, and social-emotional.

Motor Development

Motor development is defined as "the development of skill in the use of the body and its parts" (Charlesworth 12). There are three areas of motor development: gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and
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Cognitive development begins as soon as the child is born into the world. From birth until the age of two the child is, according to Piaget, in the sensorimotor stage. The sensorimotor stage is defined as the stage in which the child uses his senses to explore the world around him. In the sensorimotor stage, Piaget states that there are six substages:

1. Reflexes- from birth to one month, babies do involuntary reflexes. Example: The infant will suck his thumb.

2. Primary circular reactions- from one month to four months, babies do circular motions with their bodies. Example: The infant will move his arms in front of him.

3. Secondary circular reactions- from four months to eight months, babies do circular motions with objects. Example: The infant will grasp a rattle. 4. Coordination of secondary circular reactions- from eight month to twelve months, babies bring together the actions that were done in the previous sub stages. Example:

5. The infant will grasp the crib railing and pull himself up.
Tertiary circular actions- from twelve months to eighteen months, babies can now do actions that they never tried before in order to solve problems. Example: Pulling a stool over to a small table in order to reach a toy.

6. Mental combinations- from eighteen months to twenty-four months, babies can now solve problems by using mental images. Example: The infant will place a toy underneath a chair in order to hide it from another

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