Essay Personal Narrative: My Secret Place

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Once upon a time, I saw the world like I thought everyone should see it, the way I thought the world should be. I saw a place where there were endless trials, where you could try again and again, to do the things that you really meant to do. But it was Jeffy that changed all of that for me. If you break a pencil in half, no matter how much tape you try to put on it, it'll never be the same pencil again. Second chances were always second chances. No matter what you did the next time, the first time would always be there, and you could never erase that. There were so many pencils that I never meant to break, so many things I wish I had never said, wish I had never done. Most of them were small, little things, things that you could try to …show more content…
I wonder what it would really be like to be able to see what the world was like as a giant, and not a little toddler. I swing around the piano top, so that I am facing the other side, the side where I cannot see the living room. I see a tiny little space, made by the sofa and the piano, perfect play space for a three year old. I want to go in there, but at the top of the piano, with no keys under me, it is too high and too scary, so I turn around, and cautiously step down, pounding some of the keys with my foot, playing a complex chord.
Safely on the ground, I turn and walk towards the back of the piano, the part that was covering the wall. But where is the little room? I peak in through the space between the piano and the sofa. I see a glimpse of the tree and a speck of gold and red. There it is. I shove my way past the arm rest of the couch, where I turn sideways and squeeze my way through the opening.
I didn't know if I liked it. I wanted to like it, but I just didn't know what to think. It was plain and ugly to me, and the only decoration there was in the little room was a little christmas tree that was almost completely covered by the big piano, so that you couldn't see even a little bit of it.
I walk back to the front of the piano. I climb back up and sit down on the top lid again. This

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