Personal Narrative: I am Blind Essay

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I am blind. But I was not always blind. I once experienced the majesty of a sunrise in late August and the awe of the deep blue sea as the sun glistens from it. Now I have only my memories to comfort me. So they sent me here, a field trip, a good experience they say, to help me cope. They sent me to a deaf school for the day, unknowing of how awkward it is for me. They gave me a buddy, but for what? We can?t communicate through speech or sign language. ? You?ll figure it out,? they say. So now I sit here, alone and desolate in darkness, hoping for the occasional memory to write upon the blank screen of my vision and bring life to this seemingly dead place.

And so I sit. The chair is hard and cold as stone, like a cement
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But wait, it?s not silence at all. There?s noise all around. And so I listen. Tick, Tock, Tick. And then it fades. It has been replaced by scratching. Mad scratching of pencils across paper like a never-ending race. In my darkness I have a flash of memory. It is of a potato sack race. I am in the lead and triumph illuminates off my countenance. Crunch. I am back in the real world, awakened from my beautiful dream by the sound of paper being crumpled up into a little ball followed by the swishing sound of a three-point trash can shot. Then the small sound of a quiet celebration in victory. The moaning happiness is drowned out by the load gnawing sound of a pencil sharpener. I wait restlessly for it to stop, but the pencil, or the kid, is obviously stubborn. The other students see the disturbance and start to laugh. Suddenly contempt for those seeing people overwhelms me. I hear my hand rapping wildly on my desk as my feet stomp out of rhythm on the floor beneath. I let the rage seep in until I hear a familiar and wonderful noise. It?s a bird. A blue bird to be exact. They have always been my favorite and I know their lovely voice by heart. The bird sings to me and only me. It sings a song I have heard numerous times before. It is the song of my world. My perfect world where vivid, brilliant colors light up every corner of existence. A peaceful place where no one ever gets sick or hurt and no one ever

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