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My Bad Experience

A few years ago, my wife and I began discussing having kids and starting a family. My wife’s car was breaking down and we needed to find a new car suitable for transporting children. This is the story of why used car salesman had a bad stigma attached to them and what I learned from this experience.
We thought that used car dealers can’t be that bad, plus we will get to trade in our own car instead of selling it. So we called a dealership and spoke to (let’s call him John) and he advised us over the phone to come down to the dealership. When we arrived, John was with another customer at the time so someone else had a look over our old car and we ventured into the lot. As we were looking around and looking in the hatch of
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One of the reasons we stated we didn’t want to do financing was because we want to start saving for a house after purchasing a van. He tried to convince us that if we want to buy a house we need to acquire car debt firs, like it was a stepping stone to house debt. I could tell he was wasting our time so I brought it to an end.
So I asked him if he had anything in our price range, he told us no. I proceeded to inquire if he may have anything offsite, again he told us no but offered to shoot a text if anything came in. So I told him not to bother as when I wish to drop my savings on a vehicle, please call me.
They didn’t have what we wanted. The thing that annoyed me was we had already discussed our desires on the phone and in person and it was almost like he wasn’t listening. What I really wanted was a suitable van from a dealer that had a warranty so I had little risk of buying a lemon. What he tried to sell me was a $20,000 car I didn’t want on financing I couldn’t afford.
Maybe it was me being the difficult one, but I wasn’t trying to be unreasonable and I was attempting an honest purchase. The difficulty was that my wife and I had performed a lot of research over the web. We came to the dealership knowing what vehicle we wanted and the price range the car was in. We didn’t want to buy privately due to risk of problems with the car and we were having trouble finding the car we wanted in our

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