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The dream of the founding fathers of any political party in the world is for their members to share the same vision with them, to follow their footsteps, and to preserve their enduring legacies. These are naturally what the successive members of the party are supposed to uphold especially when the vision and legacies meet the challenges of their time. But when the reverse is the case as a result of unexpected changes in the political equation, immediate changes must be effected in the party to avert colossal defeat during elections. The founding fathers of the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) had a controversial informal agreement sometimes in 2002 of rotating (zoning) of strategic elective positions along the country’s north and …show more content…
Based on the provisions of the two constitutions that President Jonathan is complying with, he can legitimately contest the 2011 presidential election. The issue here is that should the party reconvene another caucus meeting to jettison the 2002 gentleman agreement or retain the agreement and deny any eligible party member; including the current president from contesting elections based on where they come from?

As at present, PDP is not prepared to fairly and squarely win the 2011 presidential election. With the exit of its national chairman, Prince Vincent Ogbularfor, and the uncertainty that engulfed the entire leadership of the National Working Committee (NWC) of the party, the party is in state of confusion. PDP must thus be reorganized ahead of the 2011 general elections. The reorganization is essential to the strategy the party will adopt in selling their candidates to the electorate. The most important aspect of the reorganization is to jettison the zoning agreement to pave way for the emergence of popular candidates during the party’s primaries. Politics is a game of number and for that reason; it should be only popular candidates that must emerge as winners after primary elections. Consensus amongst aspirants must be eliminated to enhance a competitive internal democracy within the party.

The PDP is at the cross-road of breaking or consolidating its grip on the leadership of the

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