Patricia Essay

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Patricia tossed and turned in her bed. She was having a nightmare about her husband Andre. Andre approached Patricia with his fists balled up. He had a very mean expression. Patricia began to back up slowly, but ended up in a corner. As her husband got close, she put her arms up to protect her face. It was not unusual for Patricia to have these recurring nightmares about her now deceased husband. Sometimes, like that night, she would wake up out of her sleep screaming or crying out loudly. Patricia then woke up suddenly and shouted, “No, don't hurt me! I will do whatever you want!” An Inmate from one of the adjacent cells yelled back at Patricia. She was not to happy about having her sleep disturbed by Patricia's screams. …show more content…
He wanted Patricia to drop her guard and open up to him. He felt it would be a little more difficult for her to open up and connect with him while she was tied up in restraints. The guard said, “I am sorry Doctor Morgan but it’s for your own safety. I'll be right outside in case you have any problems with her.” She turned to Patricia and gave her a mean look and said, “As for you young lady, don't you dare start no shit in here!” The guard turned to walk outside. Patricia sucked her teeth and flipped off the guard once the guard turned her back. Patricia could not stand the guards and it seemed like they did not mind putting her in her place. Patricia did not feel she belonged there so she had a lot of anger. Doctor Morgan said, “Hello Patricia.” Patricia did not respond, but she did look around the room. She refused to give him eye contact because she knew how he could almost mesmerize you with his looks. Patricia was one of the only inmates Doctor Morgan had not cracked. He felt it would just be a matter of time. Patricia looked down at a picture that was sitting on Doctor Morgan's desk. The picture was of Dr. Morgan, his wife, his daughter and his son. She stared at it for a while. All Patricia wanted was to meet “Mister Right,” start a family and live happily ever after. Needless to say, her marriage was in no way the fairy tale she had hoped for. After all, she never got to see herself, her

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