Parts of Ads Essay

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Different ads will come with different shapes and sizes but with almost the same goals. The goals of the ads are to sell a product, a service or a brand. Visual and text are the two elements main and combination that make any print ads. The print ad includes the sales brochures, fliers, coupons, billboards and ads in the magazine and newspapers. Business will always use this medium to successfully define their advertising goals and identify their main target and audiences who are focused toward the message. The element and adjustment that enhance the company ads are highly effective (Lewis 23). The photography/pictures have a logo of Levis that raises lot of interest in the company ads. Integrating the ads, they have a graphic on the …show more content…
The company has achieved this since they have been able to develop their picture settings that are within likeable characters. Levis ads have been set in ways that derive a positive association between the audience and the products. The ads are able to create a positive feeling for the company audience within an easy way that establish better positive association of Levis products. The ads create an indication of a desired hook setting that creates a story in the mind of the audience about the company products and why other customer would prefer the same products (Grancea 72). The photographs have been drawn in a way that indicates graphic embellishments model that is key visual element of the three Levis ads. However, some of the ads have a single visual model, Levis ads seem to apply different and several pictures. The model in the text ads have some graphics that are in a better form of improved bullets and borders. Including this models with the visual photos, Levis ads are able to caption one thing that is essential after most readers look the visuals. The model is efficient that it is capable of grabbing ones chance from the audience to have a look of the pictures (Chatterjee 217-240). Levis ads seem to have adopted a model of having a title. This is the main headline that captures the strongest element of the company ads. The title of the Levis ads may be modeled in way that it

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