Paley's Argument for God's Existence Essay

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Since the beginning of time, society has been plagued by questions stemming past the grasp of human understanding. In attempt to explain such bewilderment, mankind formed a principle belief regarding their presence as the workings of a more capable being, God. As time has progressed, distinguished and scholarly members of society have come forward with ideas regarding some distinct understanding into the complex subject that is god. To this day, students are taught theories that have managed to stand the test of time and interpretation, theories that are highly respected by the top scholars of this century. Throughout this paper, I will thoroughly outline, discuss, and analyze Paley’s argument on the existence of God. Paley’s use of …show more content…
Paley defended his argument in logical terms, and by using that tactic, his reason was supported and acknowledged as a primary argument in the fight to prove God’s existence. To this very day, the thinking patterns and philosophy suggested by Paley is highly revered as a major explanation of the existence of God. Though most people seem to be content with the idea of an ultimate designer, many still argue that Paley’s position and ideology is incorrect. The existence of a divine individual in the universe is heavily debated, but Paley outlines a rather clever and thorough explanation. Paley further elaborates past his metaphor of a watchmaker and explains that such a complex creation as the human body could not have happened by chance or simply by nature (“William Paley”). Any person could walk through a forest, see a boulder, and not question its origins as it is only natural to find such items in a forest. Though nature allows the human body to exist, it does not mimic the common objects found in nature, suggesting previously considered diagram and placement. The design must have been planned out in detail according to purpose, shape, and size, including the most minimal of functions within the human body. As the human body is able to breathe and remain self-sufficient in various conditions, some thing or person had formed this model of the human body. Therefore Paley implies that the creator of the human body is a more capable and accomplished being

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