Essay on Ownership of Self and Property

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Ownership has long affected our sense of self and worth. It has changed with the times but still affects us the same way as before. The famous philosopher, Plato, thought that “owning objects is detrimental to a person's character”. By examining the different types of ownership and evidence from historical to contemporary society, ownership correlates with one’s sense of self by either improving or diminishing it. . It is impossible for any living organism to survive without owning anything. From insects to mankind, owning some sort of property, whether tangible or intangible, is our way of surviving. As the most complex of all living organisms, our expression and demands towards property and ownership vary numerously (LeFevre 1). In the …show more content…
Once we become aware of this desire to want to own property, what we choose to own is what ultimately makes us who we are. The relationship between tangible objects and humans are inevitable. The Greek philosopher, Aristotle believes that “ownership of tangible goods helps to develop moral character”. Ownership of tangible objects is the easiest way to understand the relationship regarding personal possession. This is because objects that can be handled physically have “the qualities of discernible boundaries and admit readily to individual control” (LeFevre 54). As mentioned earlier, a home or land serves as an example of a tangible object. Everyone owns some sort of tangible object. It can be simple everyday things that we many of us use on a daily basis such as clothing or a car. In the ancient days, from tribes to kings, they took upon the ownership of owning land (LeFevre 54). Tribes have used land for temporary cultivating and harvesting purposes (LeFevre 54). Eventually when people of higher status such as kings or patriarchs came to power, private land ownership formed (LeFevre 54). The types of tangible objects that people choose can help develop an individual’s self of sense of belonging by giving them a sense of individual identity. When the kings and patriarchs claim the ownership of private property, it gives them a sense of high power and nobility compared to people who do not own private property (LeFevre 54). Similarly, the reason why many people

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