Essay about Our Ethical Duty to Prevent Child Abuse

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Beating children, chronically belittling them, using them for sexual gratification, or depriving them of the basic necessities of life are acts that cannot be permitted in a civilized society. Tolerating child abuse denies the worth of children as human beings. Each of us has a moral obligation to turn in a child abuser. In the United States, teachers are told to report child abuse to the Department of Community Services because the department has the responsibility and legal mandate to insure a child's safety, care, and welfare (Bender et al. 1). Why must this responsibility be separate among people who live in the same city and care for these children? The Department of …show more content…
1). Without the funding to stop the abuse or to take the child out of the home, they have no choice but to send the child home until the unfortunate happens, the child is killed. America, who used to be about family values, is now about being the biggest and best economic power in the world. Causing the everyday working person is struggle. Today two parents must work to make the living that one parent could provide thirty years ago. "As capitalists increasingly organize their enterprises on an international scale, workers standards of living in the developed nations increasingly come closer to the standards of living of workers in the developing nations of Africa, Asia, and Latin America (Bender et al.1)." People are trying to readjust to not being able to stay home with the children and having to constantly work to get their hands on what little money is available to put their children in daycare where a multitude of abuse is. Many parents cannot deal with this and their children pay the price.
Giving all people better economic resources will not eliminate the presence of child abuse, but lifting the incredible stress of having to provide for with very little, may open a window. "That goal can be accomplished by workers taking control of their workplaces, creating more humane economic and political system that is concerned with

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