Essay on Optimizing Yield of Producing Organic Crops

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For hundreds of years food was produced organically. It was important not only to produce a crop, but also importance was given to maintaining the overall ecosystem health in-order to optimise yield. Until the industrial revolution the vast majority of the human population was agriculturally based growing crops for their own consumption rather than for trade. With the industrial revolution and a shift of the population to urban areas a remarkable shift has occurred in agricultural practises.
Lower food costs, agricultural technological advances and greater food variety drive a constant need for lower production expenses. To maintain this a greater reliance on the application of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides to maintain crop
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PESTICIDES Organically produced food comes under restrictions for synthetic agrochemicals and pesticides. (FOUR) Intuitively they therefore have less pesticide residues than conventionally produced crops. They are however not necessarily free form pesticides and other synthetic chemicals of conventional farms due to previously contaminated soil, percolations of chemicals through soils, unauthorized use of pesticides, spray-drift from neighbouring farms and wind drift. This may even occur during transport, processing and storage (FOUR)
Various monitoring program conducted have analysed this claim. The largest US data base, the PDP found that pesticide residues were 3.2 times more likely to be found in conventional produce than in organic produce; the Consumer Union found they were 2.9 times greater and 4.1 times more likely in sample from a Belgian monitoring program. (ONE) The levels of pesticides found on samples with pesticides residues were significantly lower on organic samples than conventional samples. (TWO)
The findings of lower pesticide frequencies and levels in organic foods suggests that organic foods may be less ‘better for you’ with respect to pesticides than conventional foods.
It also however needs to be considered that the vast majority of the residues discovered are

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