Oppression of Vietnam Througout History Essay

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Oppression is perhaps the worst crime that man will ever inflict upon himself. Despite a tyrant's will, the fighting spirit of the oppressed never dies out. Oppression has the power to turn an average commoner into a force to be reckoned with. If you take a man's freedom from him he has nothing to lose, making him extremely dangerous. Since 248 A.D., this oppression plagued South East Asia by the French, the Chinese and others. At the end of World War II in August of 1945, the French were trying to re-establish control over their Indochinese colonies. This weak moment would be seized by Vietnam to free themselves from French rule and declare their independence.

Vietnam has a long history of other countries ruling over it, beginning
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The VNQDD was the Vietnamese Nationalist Party. The aim of the revolt was to provoke larger-scale uprisings in Vietnam against the colonial authority. The French crushed the revolt so completely that the VNQDD was abolished. Ho Chi Minh, the man who established the Viet Minh in May 1941 played an integral part in the Indo-China war. In the end, it was a combined force of Ho Chi Minh’s leadership and knowledge of guerilla war tactics, and most importantly the Vietnamese’s strong willed determination that helped them defeat the French. Their fierce determination can be found in this quote by Ho Chi Minh: “You (the French) will kill 10 of our men and we will kill one of yours. But in the end it will be the French, and not us, that will tire of it.”

The Vietminh (The League for the independence of Vietnam), lead by Ho Chi Minh were to regroup their forces north of the 17th parallel, while the French regrouped to the south of that line. General Navarre who headed up the military operations in that region was sure that if a major victory was not achieved soon, then the situation in Vietnam might become out of control. So Navarre in an effort to solidify his presence in the north moved 12,000 troops into the city of Dien Bien Phu. Here the troops would have to defend an airstrip that Navarre was playing out to his advantage in the skies and a very important supply line. The Proclamation of Independence of the Democratic

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