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Oman is a small country located in the northeast by the gulf of Oman and southeast by the Arabian Sea, southeast by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The capitol of this country is Muscat. Oman covers an area of about 119,500 sq mi. Oman borders Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and the United Arab Emirates. The Oman government, from what I have read, is ran by a sultan and seems to be somewhat democratic.
The population is overwhelmingly Arab, but significant minorities of Indians, Pakistanis, and East Africans are found in the principal ports. The majority of the population is Ibadhi Muslim; Sunni Muslims form the other major religious group. Arabic is the official language. The Life expectancy on average, is 70.25 years, however females
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This movie displays the harsh treatment of women who are forced into marriages, harsh punishments, and no respect. During the Taliban rule if you were a woman you could not leave your house without some kind of male companion, either your son, husband, or brother. If you were caught without the company of a male you were arrested and then either married off or punished other ways. The mother of this child has lost her job because of Taliban rule and has lost a husband and brother to the wars. She has no choice but to turn her daughter into a young boy. Unfortunately it is not a happy ending in this story, but is a very emotional story that shows how unruly and unjust the Taliban was. It was also the first film made in Afghanistan post Taliban rule. (4)
Oman is a country that has overcome many obstacles to further itself. Oman had border disputes with its three neighbors; agreements were reached with Saudi Arabia in 1990, with Yemen in 1992, and with the United Arab Emirates in 1993. The borders with Yemen and Saudi Arabia were differentiated in 1995; the border with the United Arab Emirates awaits final demarcation. It’s interesting to see how recent these issues were yet I never knew that this country had border issues. (1) Oman is largely a desert land, which makes it more interesting because who would want land that is mainly comprised of a desert?! However Oman like many other Middle Eastern countries capitalizes on its

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