Normal and Neurotic Perfectionists: The Way They Perceive Unmet Goals

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Introduction Most people would consider having high standards is a good personality attribute. It showcases the strength of your character as well as work ethic when striving for excellence. These high standards push you to your maximum potential carrying out the best results possible in a person. This can be seen when athletes practise days on end trying to perfect themselves in the field of sport they are in. Perfectionism, on the other hand, is a personality trait characterized by a person striving for flawlessness and excessively high performance standards. One of the first psychologists to argue for two distinct types of perfectionism, Hamachek, classified people as normal perfectionists and neurotic perfectionists. Normal …show more content…
Therefore, In this essay, I will explain why I believe neurotic perfectionism should be looked down upon due to the relentless striving of extremely high standards, judging their self-worth based on the accomplishment of these standards and experiencing negative consequences of setting such standards yet continuing to strive for them which inevitably ends in depression of the individual thus proving neurotic perfectionism is not a healthy pursuit of excellence.
Point: Relentless striving for extremely high standards Parental expectations can have a major impact on a kids’ motivation and self-expectations. These expectations, often than not unrealistic, usually stem from the parents’ own upbringings. Parents often try to compensate for their own childhood unmet needs by setting expectations for their children. For example, parents who were disappointed about their overall athletic performance, might push high athletic achievement in their own children. Kids’ who face these expectations find it necessary to meet these expectations as they feel loved in return. Households where parents give their children love on the condition that they meet their expectations force their children to become neurotic perfectionists in order to steer clear from being rejected by their parents. Thus forcing them to relentlessly strive for extremely high standards so they can meet their parents expectations. Performance expectations by friends and society

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