Nicolas Lancret’s Dance before a Fountain Essay

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Nicolas Lancret’s Dance before a Fountain (1730-1735) is currently displayed at The Getty Center in Los Angeles. The oil on canvas painting captures a scene of a party in the early 1700’s. Lancret’s painting, known as a fête galante, a French term referring to an elegant, festive outdoor celebration or some sort of activity usually put on by rich aristocracy in the 18th century. Such paintings were significant at the time because they were apart of the Rococo, or Late Baroque, period in which the European arts focused more on affection, emotion, and luxury rather than the influence and dominance of the church.
The green trees and rural landscape portray a beautiful spring day filled with nature and life. The rhythm of the water splashing,
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Her pale face is tilted in dismay for her father has maybe found her a man to marry whom she is not fond of. Her facial expression is not happy at all. The seriousness in her face shows her emotion of disappointment. The man with the red hat and cape over his left shoulder is her fiancé who is determined to marry her due to the stiffness of his shoulders and his firm stature. His posture and attire show that he is a powerful man and probably very wealthy.
The right bottom corner is the direction where the woman’s head is tilted. There the children are playing and the drunken guitar player is serenading the mother of the children. With alcohol flowing through his blood, he happily sings songs and flirts with woman dressed in gold. Instead of paying attention to the treasures of jewelry the young girl in green offers, she chooses to be wooed by the intoxicated man as she stares deeply into the man’s eyes. I also noticed a lesbian couple embracing and dancing. The woman in the red hat and red dress embraces her girlfriend from behind as they gaze into one another’s eyes with passion. The woman from behind grabs her girlfriend’s left breast and firmly holds her waist with her other hand affectionately. As the woman in green pivots her body to face her girlfriend, perhaps they begin to join the dancing. Maybe this event was their only chance to see one another and show affection towards one another without being judged.

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