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Cancer is an uncontrolled growth of cells which divide too quickly in the body. There are different types of cancer depending on their cause. The known cancer treatments that exist today are chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy. Despite the fact that cancer treatments exist nowadays, none of these treatments seem to be as promising as “nanoshells” which have an improvement in sensitivity, specificity and cost effectiveness as compared to those other treatments. Naomi Halas, a professor at Rice University with an Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Chemistry background is known for the invention of “nanoshells”. These nanoshells are tiny spherical nanoparticles which within their structure they contain a dielectric …show more content…
Some of the side effects currently seen with chemotherapy as mentioned by the National Cancer Institute would be the nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and diarrhea during the treatment. Some other side effects caused by chemotherapy may be fever, fatigue and hair loss. While the after treatment side effects may become the most worrying ones since they don’t become noticeable right away. They may become evident months or even years after. They may include, heart problems, lung tissue damage or even nerve damage, kidney problems, infertility.
The side effects present during a radiation therapy would be fatigue, inflammation around the treated skin areas, frequent urination and rectal irritation which may include bleeding. Bowel function which is waste matter that discharges from the large intestinal may be a permanent side effect produced by radiation therapy.
These treatments are highly expensive up to a point that they may avoid to obtain it, even those with health insurance since often times the insurance won’t cover it. Aside from their high costs would be that the patients run with the risk that the cancer may reappear even after the treatment has ended.
The use of nanoshell would also be ideal for drug delivery. Dr. Halas mentioned that nanoshells may lead to more efficient drug delivery because they may be attached to a polymer and trigger it to release specific amounts of drug doses at specific times. "This first round of in vivo animal tests

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