My Teaching Style Essay

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My Teaching Style

Pragmatist teaching style is the best way to describe my style of teaching. I will involve the kids in hands on learning. I want to be an educator because I want to make learning more fun for the children. I also love to work with children.

I really like to work with children, and I would like to work with the children to help better them in school. Working with children in helping them learn makes me feel great. I am more of a progressive when it comes to my philosophy of education. I think you should have children based activities in the classroom. Children should have more hand-on activities to help them learn. I think the teacher should deal with the small problems there in the
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You need rules in the classroom to keep control of the students. If you did not have rules, the students could become rowdy, and never listen to what you have to teach. My teaching style will be of a teacher that is willing to get involved with the students learning, and I will be willing to help in anything the child needs. I will use the sticker method to motivate the child into learning. On Fridays, I will let the children who get A’s on their spelling test sit in groups with their friends, but at the same time I will let the other children have a chance to do the same. I will let them get into groups after they have proven to me they can spell the words they missed. I will do other things like this to help motivate the kids into learning. I will show great leadership qualities by keeping a well balanced classroom, and take on any task that is thrown in front of me.

Educational reform is a good thing to a certain extent. The world is always changing, and your teaching style has to change along with it. We are now in the technological era. Computers are a very essential thing to have in the classroom. If we are behind some countries in learning we need to change are educational stand. I do not think the teacher style of teaching should be geared toward some test. The teacher should teach there own style at the same time try to teach to the test, but always teach their own style. I will teach to the test, but

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