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Equality means treating everyone equally regardless of their colour, age, gender, and

disability. However, that hasn’t been the case for women. Women have not been treated

equally to men. For example, if a woman wanted to vote, they couldn’t, or if they are

working, they will not get the same wage as men. This however, changed when a group

of women who called themselves, “The Famous Five”. “The Famous Five”, wanted

women to be considered “persons” and to be treated as human beings. In 1929, it all

changed when the Judicial Committee declared: women were indeed persons. The things

that women must have to gain equality are pay equity because usually women always get

less than men do,
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The reason why is that women are more intelligent than men and

having more women can reduce the wars we have and the deficits. Also, more women

should be in parliament so there can be more voices for women that want issues to be

addressed. The law that can be proposed is that government offices should be 50 percent

women and 50 percent men because there is equality between both genders. Also, another

law that could be that when the governments are appointing judges for the Supreme

Court, the majority should be women because most of the judges that are appointed are

men. So, by having these laws, women can be treated with the same dignity as men.

Most of the jobs that women apply for are jobs that men apply but the problem is that

men make more than women. In the year 2009, the average earnings for women are

$36,278 and the earnings for men are 47,127. The difference is 10,849. In the 1960s, the

average earnings for women are $16,144 and the average earnings for men are $26.608.

The difference is $10,464. So, that means that the wage gap has narrowed by less than

half a cent per year. Over the past 40 years, the real median earnings of women have

fallen short by an estimated $700,000 to $2 million. There are some workplaces that

don’t treat women the same as men in earnings. The law that should be proposed is that

to make men and women

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