Ms. Lucy Stones and The Woman’s Suffrage Movement Essay

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Since the birth of our nation, all citizens trying to obtain a goal had to do something to attain it. Citizens of colonized countries had to organize themselves and fight by means of revolution to attain freedom. Slaves who longed for equality had to fight for their freedom. Employees who aspired for better terms and conditions had to form unions that went on strikes and picketed before their rights were recognized. The fight for equal rights caused decades of struggle and massive publicity caused by and in favor of the leaders and its members so that their goal would finally be achieved. The Woman’s Suffrage movement also would not have succeeded had they not woke up and realized that their rights were being violated. One of the first and …show more content…
A college education is something that women take for granted today, but in the 1800’s it was an extremely rare thing to see a woman in college. During the mid 1800’s, schools like Oberlin and Elmira College began to finally accept women. She attended Mount Holyoke for one term in 1839, then came home to look after an ill sister. Lucy waited until 1843 to enroll at the Oberlin Collegiate Institute with her graduation in 1847, she became the first Massachusetts woman to earn a bachelor's degree. In the 1800’s, women were almost on the same level as slaves. Their masters were their husbands. All of the woman’s earnings went to men, they could not legally write a will unless all of her belongings went to her husband. The husband were the owners of the children, and could do anything he wanted with them. He could even legally beat his wife. This was the background for Lucy’s and other Woman's Rights leaders’ anger. She grew up watching her mother beg her father for money. With this in her background, Lucy began her crusade for Women and Slave’s rights. But Lucy was not only trying to gain Woman’s Suffrage, but also to give women other rights. Speaking out against slavery and trying to gain more antislavery supporters is how she got started. She was a

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