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     A person puts on a front for the public to view. Often there are two sides to a

person. One does not always see the other side of a person. In the films: The Talented Mr.

Ripley, Unusual Suspect, Fight Club, and Persona let us view the other side of one. The film leads one on with using clues, hints, symbolism, and foreshadowing. Each film has some kind of a surprise ending. By using these foreshadowing techniques, it helps the ending seem believable. It makes the ending seem like everything fits. At the beginning of each film they each start off by examining each person, and taking a look at what is really going on in their head.

     In the film The
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This reminded me of the beginning of the film Psycho. Norman Bates had the same problem. It gives you the felling of death and that everything isn’t what it seems to be.
Unusual Suspect is a film that is about a life of crime. They are taken in for questioning about a crime that no one has any idea about. No one in the room even knows one another and ends up discussing what everyone does with their life. The policies start to question and pressure the gimp into talking. When the police start to question he starts off by talking how they all got together and put together this gang of organized crime. After a few small jobs, the gang was black mailed into working for a man named Kiser. The story went that Kiser was untouchable, and that you either work for him or die. The gang has final mission, which they are to still coke from Hungarians off the ship. The gimp is told to stay behind and watch just in case he doesn’t make it and is instructed to let his wife know that he still loves her. Everyone is killed in the gang except for the gimp that was left behind. Kiser is then seen finishing off the last man of the gang. The policy officer puts it together and figures out that there was no Kiser, and that it was one of the men dressed up so that it appears that his life was taken. The movie seems to of come to an end. A twist is then thrown into the film. The gimp leaves the building and the investigator

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