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Schindler's List, directed by Steven Spielberg, stars Liam Neason, Ben Kingsley, Ralph Fiennes, and a host of wonderful co-stars, is the story of Oskar Schindler. Oskar Schindler was a Nazi businessman who saved hundreds of Jews from certain death during World War Two by employing them in his factory.

This documentary like film begins with Oskar Schindler getting ready to make the deal of a life time by getting in good with the Nazi Officers. Schindler was a man that knew how to smooze people. He would wine and dine them with the best of wine, food, and women, which was not a cheap thing to do, especially during World War II. He was fond of saying, "Presentation is everything."

In September of 1939 German soldiers defeated
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The Untersbunfuier, Amon Goeth, was in charge of this camp.

Schindler made sure to get on his good side by showing Goeth his "gratitude." Goeth order the liquidation of the Ghetto, thousands of Jews were killed and thousands more were sent to concentration camps. Schindler was sickened and furious about this, he asked Goeth if he could buy the workers that had been working in his factory and build a sub-camp in Brinnlitz, Czechosolvokia. Goeth did not want to do this, until once again Schindler showed him his gratitude. Schindler had come up with a plan to buy as many of his workers as possible. He spent a huge amount of money to do this. When he had Stern start making a "list" of people he wanted, Stren did not truly understand what was going on. It was not until the last session of the list making that he figured it out. The list contained nearly one thousand names. Stern finally agreed to have the drink that Schindler had been offering him since their first meeting.

The men workers left on the first train and were sent directly to Binnlitz, Czechoslovakia, Oskar Schindlers hometown, without much delay. The women however were misdirected to AUSHCWITZ. While there, their hair was cut off, they were beaten and stripped of their clothing, and forced in to a large room where they thought they were going to be gassed. By some miracle they were

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