Essay about Moral and Political Law in Sophocles' Antigone

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Moral and Political Law in Sophocles' Antigone

In Sophocles' play Antigone, the tragedy is brought by the conflict between the moral laws and manmade political laws. Neither Kreon nor Antigone is clearly "right" or "wrong". In other words they are both "right" and "wrong". The moral laws are essential to keep faith in one's heart and have strength in oneself. Political laws help determine what is just and unjust to prevent the chaos that might occur if everyone did what they think is right. Kreon and Antigone exhibit both their negative and positive qualities throughout the play.

Antigone is a strong, courageous character and she has no fear towards death. She believes that the burial of
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This will disturb the nether gods as well as the gods high up. So by not burying Eteokles, one will be dishonoring the gods. Antigone states:

"If you believe you must,

cast out these principles gods themselves honor."- Pg.24 lines 96-7

This is the action which the gods wish for, so they must be taken place. Their laws must be followed because gods are superior amongst all human beings.

The moral laws which Antigone values are essential in this case because Kreon shows many negative qualities which make him appear as a tyrant king. He misuses power and abuses power. Kreon considers that a state belongs to the most powerful man, which in this case is him. He says:

"Nations belong to the men with the men with power.

That's common knowledge."- Pg.50 lines 888-9

He assumes that he is always correct and is inflexible. He does not listen to other people's suggestions even if they are right.

"Men our age, learn from him?"-Pg.50 line 875

This is very dangerous because it can bring forth a corrupted government where king is the only man who has the power. Nations should belong to the citizens, not the king. This excessive pride of him blinds him the truth, and it is too late when he realizes his mistake. Kreon also disrespects the gods and holds hubris. When Teiresias the prophet foresaw the future, Kreon did not believe in him and called Teiresias as a

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