Essay about Mongolian and Palestinian Arts

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A diverse society has many advantages to it, but clashes between different cultures do occur. At the heart of all cultures is the power of creative expression and celebration of life. Each culture has their own unique way to express their creativity and art. Although the Mongolian and Palestinian cultures are different, these cultures can resolve conflict and reach common ground through artistic expression for a more harmonious way to co-exist.
There are a wide range of instruments and singing styles in the Mongolian culture. Mongolians have many festivals where they do sing and play unique instruments. Victoria Kim, a journalist from the Los Angeles Times, describes a Mongolian festival that was taking place outside the Los Angeles City
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Tim Moore, a publisher of an internet magazine dealing with national culture, describes what happens during these festivals and states, “During the first two weeks of April, the Palestine Mozart Festival will reach venues in Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Nablus, and Ramallah. Fifty of Mozart’s compositions will be performed. The festival opens with a recital for organ, with Mozart reveling in his ‘king of instruments’. There follows a fascinating week of the composer’s smaller-scale works - melancholy and introspection lurking alongside sunny folk melodies in a series of chamber concerts taken from all periods of his life.” This festival not only allows people who are not familiar with Mozart’s music to hear his music, but the festival also has small series of lectures and documentaries which focus on the composer’s life and how he affected the Near and Middle East. Music is recognized in the Palestinian culture and is something that brings the Palestinians together despite the political isolation felt by many Palestinians. Saleem Abboud Ashkar, who was born in Nazareth and studied piano at the Royal Academy in London, says “The more we are politically isolated, the more we must fight to find our voice on the international cultural stage.”
Although the Palestinian culture and the Mongolian culture are different, there is some commonality in the two cultures. The two cultures both acknowledge and value music. Music is a universal language to these two cultures which means they

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