Mind over Matter: The Unique Components of Womanhood & Depressive Disorders

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Abstract: As I sat down to begin this re-write, I made sure to do one thing before diving back into the stack of compiled research I had gathered, I took one good deep breath. As I came towards the end of my exhale, I was hit with a realization; there is unwavering power in positive cognitive embrace. And that one statement sums up pretty what this paper is about. Along with conceptualizing the realities of depression and the many frameworks surrounding its existence, the primary goal of this paper is to discover the unique ways in which women can stand up to the symptoms of depressive disorders.
The Basics
The National Institute of Mental Health (2012) describes depression as a serious illness which also happens to be very prevalent
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Have this be as it may, there is still much that remains unknown about this particular group of mood disorders. Aims of previous research studies have largely been oriented around contributing factors in the disorders’ development. Such research criteria include demographics within diagnosed populations in regard to lifestyle and medical factors (I.e. homosexuality in men & pregnancy in women) (Weinberger et al., 2010).
One demographic factor that has historically been overlooked as a contributing element has been that of gender as Weinberger et al., (2010) discover in an investigation of the studies posted on ClinicalTrials.gov (p.1730, 2010). The results of their study rendered that within clinical trials conducted in the year 2007, of the 684 composed of both female and male participation less than 1% disclosed a study design to break down outcomes specified by gender (2010). The severity of this obvious discrepancy is compounded by the consideration of depressive disorder clinical diagnostic statistics in adult men as compared to that of adult women. Kelly, Tyrka, Price, and Carpenter (2008) place this distribution at one man to every two women suffering from depressive symptoms (2008).
Substance of

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