Memory and its importance Essay

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Memories can last minutes, hours, months or years but sometimes we forget. Some memories we keep and some we repress. We tend to repress bad memories or insufficient ones and remember good ones or memories of importance to us. There are many ways to improve memory but first of all you must understand what memory is.

“Memory is the internal recording of a prior event.” (Corwin, Elizabeth J. 2008) It lets us know where we are each morning. You could think of memory as a storage house for everything we know. Memory allows us to recall good and bad memories, daily functions, and skills. There are 3 different processes of memory which include encoding, storage and retrieval.

Encoding is the process of transforming information to a form
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This is called total amnesia. Memory failure occurs when one or more processes is disrupted. If you are typing in a word document and the power suddenly surges before you can save you lose that information. The loss of one of the memory processes causes memory failure. (Dennis Coon, John O. Mitterer, Patrick Brown, Rajesh Malik, Susanne McKenzie 2010)

Sensory information is lost through decay and displacement. Short-term memory information is lost as a result of: decay, displacement, and interference. Long-term information can vanish by encoding failure, consolidation failure, interference, motivated forgetting and retrieval failure. (Samuel E. Wood et al., 2008)

We can all relate to trying to pay attention to the teacher while people talk, papers rustle, and your stomach growling. There are many events that clash for our attention so you must selectively concentrate to some information and diminish the others . This is called selective attention which is a tool you can use to eliminate interference from the relevant information.

There are three types of memories systems Atkinson- Shiffrin model ( sensor, short-term and long term memory ) sensory consists of hearing, feeling, seeing, smelling and is held in sensory for less than a second. “Short-term lets you hold a restaurant's phone number in your mind as you dial the number, you rely on your short-term memory. This storage is capable of holding roughly seven items of information for approximately

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