MDMA aka Ecstasy Essay

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MDMA aka Ecstasy

Adam, Ecstasy, XTC, hug, beans, love drug, X and E are all street names for the drug that is known as MDMA in the medical and scientific world. MDMA is most commonly referred to as Ecstasy and is a "synthetic, psychoactive drug with both stimulant (amphetamine-like) and hallucinogenic (LSD-like) properties". MDMA is also a neurotoxin, which in high doses can raise body temperature and cause muscle and kidney breakdown that eventually leads to failure of the cardiovascular system. This said, the drug is still one of the most popular on the market, and demand is rising. (1)

MDMA is made up of a chemical structure consisting of 3,4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine. It depletes serotonin-producing neurons after
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Ecstasy users report increased awareness in feelings of intimacy, and self-confidence while on the drug, but also experience a state of depression while coming down due to the later low levels of serotonin. (6) As if the dangers of the drug itself aren't enough, an extreme depletion of serotonin in the brain can be fatal. Many antidepressants aim to raise levels of serotonin as a lack in this chemical tends to result in risk taking, impulsive behavior, and aggressive acts, as well as clinical depression, suicides, and attempted suicides. In case tests on the victims of serious suicide attempts or suicides, 95% of the patients' brains showed chemical abnormalities linked to a lack of serotonin. (7) Another test, which researched the levels of serotonin in the spinal fluid of murderers showed an abnormally low amount of this neurotransmitter. (8)

With this much at risk, why are so many young adults using this drug? The answer seems to be based solely around simplicity and pleasure, though realistically is based around sheer ignorance to its effects. Ecstasy comes in a simple pill form that is most commonly swallowed, but can also be snorted, injected, or supposited anally. It can be easily hidden and used anywhere, but is mostly taken at raves and parties. Besides the effects of MDMA, one danger that Ecstasy

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