Essay on Marriage or Abuse?

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Getting married to someone you do not know. To someone you do not love. To someone old enough to be your father. The Nigerian constitution has for a long time been at odds; although a child officially becomes an adult at 18, a clause allowed females to get married in sharia states and as such become legal irrespective of their age. So when the Senate proposed to find a solution for the loophole, the nation’s support was ubiquitous. What people didn’t realize was that the Senators will overlook the most humanely solution and opt for the simplest, using the sharia law to re-affirm the loophole. The re-affirmation of the clause inappropriately uses the sharia law to support the marriage to underage girls which will have severe …show more content…
This is reciprocal to the time when twins were killed because according to the Ibibio tradition they were evil. Surrounding tribes such as the Igbo and Tiv did not interfere although the disagreed for fear of insulting a tradition. However, as Mary Slessor advocated against the customary killing of twins in 1909, marrying teenage girls on the account of religion should be abolished. Although a religion or culture practice may dictate certain behaviors, the national legislation for a country should be paramount rule. Consequently, since its is stated that a child becomes legal at 18, a loophole that contradicts this statement shouldn’t be accepted. As such, underage girls should not be permitted to get married even on a religious stand. Despite Yarma’s claims, his main argument (based on the islamic tenets) goes against the child rights act of 2003 which states that “a child is anyone below the age of 18”. Making female children legal on the account of marriage goes against rationale as well as law. First, they female children are given responsibilities of being an adult; they are allowed to drink, vote, and drive. Yet, they are not mentally capable of fulfilling all these responsibilities. They have not attained a level of education where they are taught to make rational decisions. This is generally disastrous to the population. It could lead to an

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